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We had a pet cockatoo for a while, Leroy. Oh Leroy how much I miss you. He was evicted from town due to multiple noise complaints. So in we stepped with great intentions to rescue the feathered legend as we lived on acerage. 
Cut to our first big family gathering, Leroy was front and centre and he was a hit for the party. He had an extensive vocab and everyone loved talking to the birdy. Later that night when less people ventured over to him and outbursts Leroy with his more colourful vocab. I distinctly remember my parents being mortified, our wholesome family image shattered by one foul mouthed bird. 

Leroy was then moved to 'away' from the party at future gatherings. We had him for years, and one day the original owners made contact and he was able to return home. It was a sad time for us kids who had deeply fallening in love with him, but also you could tell how much he had missed his 'mum'. 

And now we love to bring it up at family gatherings just to see those faces on our parents face again.

Each of these pieces are an original artwork, not a print, that's right we draw each piece onto this special film before we use magic and a bit of crafting knowledge to turn them into little plastic goodness for your ears.

Hypoallergenic posts.

Please allow for a slight variation in colour due to screen difference.

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